A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller!

Play as the West African spider deity Kwaku Anansi; tasked by the sky god Nyame to protect the village of Akwabu. Wield your bow and knife to protect the innocent people. Web grapple your way through the world and face the oncoming threat in a battle that will be immortalized for countless centuries.

High Tide Interactive

Producer - Anthony Grimando

Creative Director - Joshua Boykins

Design Lead - Jacob Sullivan

Art Lead - Kyle Steward

Artists - Andrew Silwowski, Ashley Brooks, Conner Suchonic, Jaquira "Quira" Darling, Jeremy Dandeneau. Tesa Parlor, Sean Theroux

Animator - Denys Antipenko 

Tech Lead - Tristen Perez

Tech Team - Tamara Sorto, Khoa Anh Nguyen

Game Design Workshop - DIG4725 Fall 2018

University of Central Florida


Kwaku Anansi.zip 969 MB


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Cool stuff here! I really loved the level layout near the end and how it really made use of the grapple mechanic! But the combat and environments felt a little lacking. Definitely a good start though!


Those ragdolls were the reason they sent you out, they were too powerful for a mere mortal haha. Thanks for the playthrough it really means a lot to us!

good game fix up graphics

Not bad. There are some things to polish but overall it was a nice experience. Could have used a bigger challenge. :)


Hey thanks for the playthrough we really appreciate it!